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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkaline restructured Kangen Water® is the most amazing water in the world. Since one of the causes of most sickness and disease is dehydration, it’s important that you are drinking water that can be absorbed by the body.

According to the November 2011 issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, if you’re a man, don’t drink water from the tap (faucet) – it could cause prostate cancer. By-products of the contraceptive pill are contaminating the public water supply, and they may be triggering the cancer in men. Populations around the world with the most extensive use of the contraceptive pill also have the highest rates of prostate cancer, researchers from Toronto University have discovered. Analyzing data from many countries around the world, the researchers found an association between usage and rates of, and deaths from, the cancer, irrespective of a nation’s wealth. The link was strongest in Europe. They suspect that the pill’s estrogen by-products – endocrine disruptive compounds (EDCs) – are making their way into the food chain and public water systems, and are causing the cancers. EDCs ‘feed’ some cancers, and especially prostate tumors. The researchers stress that an association is, at this initial stage, speculative, and has not yet been definitively proven: (Source: British Medical Journal Open, 2011; 1: e000311). Prostate cancer is relatively common. Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States. It’s estimated that, in the US, more than 2 million men have had the disease. And 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point. Robert G. Wright author of “Killing Cancer Not People” on Page 87 writes: “Gentlemen, I’ll keep this brief, succinct, and very understandable for you just can’t make a mistake with this. In most cases-and for most men diagnosed with prostate cancer this “non disease” will not kill you! I hope you get this message and will pass it along. Many of us have not and the “prostatectomy line” isn’t getting any shorter. Haven’t we heard the news? If not, listen up and I’ll give you the latest on this.

The founder of the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test that measures a protein released by the prostate cells that “supposedly” indicates that cancer might be present, has recanted. Let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s Dr. Thomas Stamey, M.D., professor of urology and lead author of the study that was recently published in the Journal of Urology regarding prostate tissues removed and examined over 20 years:

“The PSA era is over in the United States. Our study raises a very serious question of whether a man should even use the PSA test for prostate cancer screening anymore. “Our job now is to stop removing every man’s prostate who has prostate cancer,” said Stamey. We originally thought we were doing the right thing, but we are now figuring out how we went wrong. Some men need prostate treatment but certainly not all of them”.

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