Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkaline restructured Kangen Water® addresses the bases of all degenerative diseases. Since all degenerative diseases are caused by acidosis, inflammation or dehydration ionized alkaline restructured Kangen Water® is perfect in helping the body become hydrated, restore its balance to rid itself of acid and inflammation.

Let’s take a look at acidosis, which is an imbalance of ph (potential hydrogen) towards the acidic side. Like all things in life, problems start when an imbalance sways too far in one direction. The body depends on many balances and one in particular, is ph. When unbalanced, causes serious illnesses of every symptom you can imagine.

Acidosis is the primary ROOT CAUSE of 100’s, if not 1000’s of ailments and disease. Acidic bodies (or acidosis) experience a rapid decline of a functioning immune system and provide an environment where harmful bacteria and viruses thrive to further increase the problem. When your immune system is shot, any organ or system can and will start to shut down. An acidic body lacks oxygen (which is crucial for health), destroys the immune system, and creates an environment where sickness and disease will grow and prosper. Acidic food items are also the dietary cause of heart disease, which is America’s #1 leading cause of death. In addition, tap water needs to be 100% avoided as it contains fluoride and chlorine, which both create an acidic environment and also kill your body’s beneficial micro-flora (micro organisms that perform endless vital processes which also needs a stable balance to avoid disease) in the same fashion as antibiotics do.

The human body needs to take in the right amount of acidic and alkalizing nutrients to maintain a healthy pH balance. Your daily intake should be 20% acidic and 80% alkalizing. If this balance is not maintained, the body has to compensate in the following ways. First it robs minerals from the bones, joints, muscles, gallbladder and mucosal lining of the digestive track. When the body robs calcium from the bones you can develop a weak back. Untreated, this can develop into Osteoporosis (low bone density). Robbing calcium and sodium from the joints can cause them to start to lock up, get stiff, sore and/or crack. After a time, the immune system often attacks acid which may settle in the joints. A doctor would probably diagnose this as “arthritis”. Are you getting the picture? Minerals robbed from the muscles, ligaments, and tendons increase the likelihood of an injury or tear. Acid deposited in the muscles can cause fibromyalgia, soreness and/or stiffness. Do you know anyone with fibromyalgia?

Minerals robbed from the heart muscle can cause weakening, arrhythmia and angina. Can you say HEART ATTACK?

If the body needs to rob minerals from the lining of the intestinal track, or if the body tries to eliminate acid through the intestine, you could develop pain in the colon, colitis, diarrhea, Crohns or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Remember your body knows how to heal itself.

To learn more, email me or come to one of our next Wellness Clinics on Monday, June 24th 2PM, 401 Mall Blvd., Suite 101E. Clinics conducted by Ernestine Murray, CWC and Hydration Specialist.

So please, open your mind, open your mouth and try it. Pick up FREE samples at our Wellness Clinics. Also bring containers for your samples and the water you are presently dinking to be tested. RSVP to

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