CAT Sets Record Ridership

On July 19, 2012 Chatham Area Transit Authority announced record-breaking ridership for fiscal year 2011-2012. CAT provided more than 4.6 million trips, which produced an 11percent increase in ridership over the previous fiscal year. The 4.6 million trips recorded is the highest system ridership figure reported in the 25 years of operation as Chatham Area Transit Authority!

The increase in ridership can be attributed to several factors such as improved technology for service efficiency; service improvements to the existing system, such as the Route 114X Abercorn Express and the addition of services to Savannah State University.

New Belle is On the Way!

CAT announced the addition of a fourth vessel to the Savannah Belles Ferry fleet, the Mary Musgrove. The Mary Musgrove will join the Juliette Gordon Low, the Susie King Taylor, and the Florence Martus as vessels named for note-worthy women of Savannah’s history.

The delivery of the vessel is expected in mid- to late August 2012 with a christening ceremony to follow in September 2012.

Suspended Service for the River Street Streetcar

The River Street Streetcar, “dottie,” remains out of service at this time. The City of Savannah is making some improvements to the shed and track where the streetcar is housed, including raising the tracks to improve efficiency and provide a more comfortable ride. The projected date of completion and reinstatement of service has been tentatively set for August 30, 2012.

The authentic 1930s Melbourne streetcar is both environmentally friendly and ADA accessible. It is a pleasurable link to Savannah’s fare-free downtown transportation system. CAT Executive Director Dr. Chadwick Reese shares, “The streetcar is one of Savannah’s proudest treasures! It not only represents a link to Savannah’s historic past; but it is also a current economic generator to our downtown community.”

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