CAT Mobility Trips Experiencing Delays With Departure Of Yellow Cab Contractor

The Chatham Area Transit Authority is experiencing temporary delays and a higher demand than usual for CAT Mobility transit services due to the departure of its contractor, Yellow Cab last month.

Officials were notified late afternoon on May 17, 2018 of the decision by Yellow Cab and have been handling all customer trips in-house for the CAT Mobility program (formerly known as Teleride) with the extra assistance of operators, supervisors, and other support personnel as well as other area transit providers.

CAT mobility services are for people with disabilities who are determined eligible for the transit program and may not be able to ride CAT’s larger fixed-route buses. If CAT mobility customers are able to ride the larger buses and board at the system’s various bus stops, they are encouraged to do so during this transitional period since the transit network offers more choices, better frequency on major routes, and a cheaper fare. maps-and-schedules/busmaps schedules/

Officials ask customers to make sure the CAT Mobility staff has their updated contact information such as a current address, telephone number(s), etc. This is important because when a driver does not see a customer at the designated pickup location, the driver will attempt to call the customer before leaving for the next scheduled customer. Staff indicated valuable time is lost when drivers must circle parking lots or narrow streets searching for customers, who might be waiting at a different entrance than the one provided to the reservationist when the trip was booked.

In addition, at least two days advance notice is requestd if a trip must be cancelled. If this is not possible due to a last minute change, customers are encouraged to call as soon as possible so the extra seat may be assigned to another person needing a ride.

A new fleet of paratransit vans for this program arrives within the next 60 days and the agency is continuing to hire and train more CAT Mobility operators. A class of 11 people began training recently

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