CAT Announces Electric Bus Demonstration

Proterra Catalyst Electric Bus
Proterra Catalyst Electric Bus

Chatham Area Transit (CAT) will be participating in a 4-day demonstration of a Proterra Catalyst electric bus beginning Monday, July 31. The electric bus, on loan to CAT during this period will shadow selected CAT routes concluding Thursday, August 2.

The 40-foot Catalyst electric bus is manufactured by Proterra, a Silicon Valley company with its manufacturing base in Greenville, S.C. The Catalyst which holds up to 40 seated passengers can travel more than three hours on a single charge and is able to recharge in less than 10 minutes. Proterra’s all-electric bus has many benefits including zero emissions, reduced noise inside and outside the bus, and low operational and maintenance costs.

In November 2016, the CAT Board unanimously voted to add electric buses to its fleet. So this demonstration in an opportunity to learn more about all the advantages that electric buses can bring to CAT and our community. The general public will have an opportunity to tour the bus which will be located at the Joe Murray Rivers Jr. Intermodal Center on Tuesday, August 1st.

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