Carver to Kick Off 90th Anniversary Celebration

Louis B. Toomer, Founder and First President of Carver State Bank
Louis B. Toomer, Founder and First President of Carver State Bank

The Directors, officers and staff of Carver State Bank will begin a year-long celebration of the bank’s 90th Anniversary with a reception on Grand Festival Day of the 28th Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival.

The one-hour reception will begin at 2:30 p.m. on February 11, 2017 in the DeVeaux and Musgrove Rooms on the 2nd floor of the Savannah Civic Center. This event will be the first of several public activities that Carver will sponsor during the year to highlight its history and unique position in Savannah and the nation. “The reception and all of our anniversary activities will help link our past with the present as we chart a course for continued service, leadership and success,” according to Carver President Robert E. James.

Carver State Bank, established in 1927, is the oldest bank headquartered in Savannah. Only 21 of the almost 6,500 banks in the United States are owned by African Americans and Carver is one of the older of these institutions. Most of the other banks that are owned by African Americans are located in much larger metropolitan areas. “It should be a great source of community pride that Savannah is the home of an independent, African-American owned bank that has thrived for 90 years,” said James.

Individuals who would like to attend the reception should contact Mattie

Bing at 912-447-4211 or Katrina Daniels at 912-447- 4206. Business casual attire is expected.

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, The Savannah Tribune will publish a “Special Carver State Bank Anniversary Edition” as a tribute to the bank for 90 years of service.

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