Carver Employees Donate Supplies to Gadsden Elementary

Gadsden students, Mary Bynum, Dr. Deborah Jones, Othia Saussy, Sherrie Williams and Alicia Gaffney
Gadsden students, Mary Bynum, Dr. Deborah Jones, Othia Saussy, Sherrie Williams and Alicia Gaffney

Dr. Deborah R. Jones, Principal of the Robert W. Gadsden Elementary School, was ecstatic as she, members of her professional staff, and a few students accepted a gift of assorted school supplies and uniforms from Othia Saussy, President of the Carver State Bank Employees Association. Sherrie Williams, Alicia Gaffney and Mary Bynum, members of the Association’s “Back to School Committee,” joined Saussy at the presentation on Wednesday, September 5, 2012, in the Media Center at the new, 91,000 square foot, energy-efficient and state of the art Gadsden Elementary School.

“I am extremely pleased that we had a successful campaign to help the students at Gadsden. We know that there are students at this wonderful school who need these items, and this “Back to School” campaign continues the Carver Employees Association’s tradition of service,” said Saussy. Saussy also stated that the Association provided school supplies and uniforms for three (3) students at the Delaware Community Center.

“Carver State Bank has been a business partner for over 30 years and we are very pleased to be able to support the students and the staff at Gadsden. It is our objective to provide assistance where needed, whether it be purchasing school supplies, serving on a committee, or assisting with a special school project,” said Williams, Assistant Vice President and coordinator of the Carver’s partnership program with Gadsden.

Dr. Jones thanked the Carver representatives for the relationship that they have maintained with Gadsden for many years. She said that it is important to have business partners support the school, and that this assistance is even more meaningful during these difficult economic times. “There are many children who do not have supplies or uniforms and this will help tremendously,” she said. The dynamic educator said that when she meets the parents of her students, she lets them know that when they walk through Gadsden’s doors, they become her children. Now, with the extra uniforms, book bags and other supplies, she will have another method of showing the children and parents just how much she cares about them.

The vision of Gadsden Elementary is preparing students for productive futures, igniting a passion for learning and teaching at high levels. Gadsden is a Title 1 School of Distinction.

The Carver State Bank Employees Association was organized in the late 1970s to give the bank’s employees an entity through which they can enjoy group activities, participate in community organizations, celebrate their individual achievements, and support local charities.

Carver State Bank is a state-chartered, FDICinsured, commercial bank. Established in 1927, Carver is the oldest commercial bank headquartered in Savannah.

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