Candidates Qualify For Local Elections


Candidates who intend to run in the upcoming City Council election were required to be qualified by the Clerk of Council at the end of last week.

Each candidate had to visit the Clerk’s office in City Hall and pay a qualifying fee, show proof of residency and citizenship.

The qualifying fee is 3% of the Mayor and Aldermen’s salaries. The Mayor’s salary is $42,000 with a supplement of $12,000, which makes the qualifying fee $1,620. The Aldermen’s salary is $14,500 which makes their qualifying fee $435.

Georgia law requires all candidates to be registered voters and disqualifies any candidate convicted and sentenced for fraudulent violation of primary or election laws, malfeasance in office, or felony involving moral turpitude.

Candidates who qualified included: Savannah City Council : Mayor: Edna Jackson, Regina Thomas, Floyd Adams, Ellis Cook, James Dewberry, Jeff Felser; Alderman At-Large Post 1: Carol Bell, Suresh Persad, Russ Sill; Alderman At-Large Post 2: Tom Bordeaux, Bill Gillespie, Clinton Young; District 1:Van Johnson (I), Ruel Joyner, Tonia Miller; District 2 :Gretchen Ernest, Mary Osborne (I); District 3: John Hall, Larry Stuber (I); District 4: Pam Miller, Mary Ellen Sprague (I); District 5: Greg Hagins, Warren Hickman, Estella Edwards Shabazz; District 6: Tony Thomas (I). Tybee City Council: Mayor: Jason Buelterman (I), Shirley Sessions, Dick Smith; Council: Marianne Bramble, Barry Brown, Donald Cowart, Wanda Doyle (I), Bill Garbett (I), Thomas Groover, David McNaughton, Jerry Onyskiw, Montgomery Parks, Frank Schuman (I), Paul Wolff (I) Pooler: Mayor: Travis Cowart Jr., Mike Lamb (I); City Council: Bruce Allen, (I) Rebecca Benton (I), Shannon Black (I), David Burke (I), Ashley Brown, Laura Chan, Jonathan Curry, Jeff Rayno, Mike Royal (I), Stevie Wall (I) Garden City: Mayor: Tennyson Holder (I), Gary Monroe; At Large: Scott George; District 1: Judy Shuman (I); District 2: Don Bethune (I); District 3: Bruce Campbell, Gwyn Hall (I); District 4: Rosetta Bryant Cody; District 5: Jean Jacques Bellemare, Bessie Kicklighter (I) Port Wentworth: At Large: James Curry (I), Tim Holbrook; District 2: Ernie Stanhope, Gary Norton (I); District 4:Bill Herrin (I), Joseph Kiser.

Election Day is for November 8, 2011. Get out and vote!

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