Cancer – Diabetes – Heart Disease Do we really need to take supplements?


Last week at – Grocery Shopping 101- a client asked why I recommend taking nutritional supplements. Of course she had heard that supplements are un-necessary, a waste of money, and possibly harmful, but wanted my opinion.

In today’s world, I always encourage my clients to take nutritients ( after I take their history), I can advise the kind of nutrients they would most benefit from. Most persons don’t know what vitamins and minerals they need.

We all need to take nutritional supplements, in general the reasons are many: the ways that food is grown and processed in this country, chemical pollutants, chemically altered seeds which are grown into food crops, depleted soils in which crops are grown, our lifestyle choices, and pesticides, are just the most obvious reasons. Lets look at each of these causes of nutrient depletion.

Many food processing techniques are used to prolong the shelf life of foods. Just one is by irradiating food, killing essential nutrients, including water soluble vitamins and antioxidants. Also, processed foods contain refined sugar, extra salt, unhealthy fats, and chemical additives.

From factories all over this country millions of pounds of chemicals are dumped into our environment. Contaminating the air, water and the foods we eat. Many studies prove environmental pollution is a major cause of degenerative diseases. Therefore we need good quality supplements to guard against pollution.

Many clients tell me while we are shopping, that they’ve never heard of genetically modified (GM) foods. These are laboratory modified seeds and plants created for human consumption via new sophisticated technology. GM foods are created to improve crop growth and sales value, at great risk to our nutrition, health and overall immunity.

With current farming practices, chemically made fertilizers and pesticides have caused the soil used to grow produce to be nutrient bare. The essential nutrients are just not in the soil. So it stands to reason that if the nutrients are not in the soil, then the fruits and vegetables grown in the soil will also lack nutrients, and taste. ( Have you heard some older person say “food just doesn’t’ taste like it used to?”, I have. Don’t be so quick to think it’s just their taste buds. I’ve found that veggies grown at home taste so much better than those purchased at the supermarket. Another reason to grow your own favorite veggies.

I always suggest choosing fresh foods over canned, frozen, and boxed, because processed foods are not fresh, are not healthy and contain fewer nutrients. Processing removes needed fiber, enzymes, as well as certain other vital nutrients, which are needed for the body’s metabolic and immune functions, ushering the way for chronic degenerative diseases.

Stress, which can sap our energy supplies and cause chronic diseases, and accelerate aging. Are you feeling depressed, tired, having trouble sleeping, or anxious for no apparent reason? Any or all of these symptoms might signal uncontrolled stress. The right supplements will work wonders to alleviate these detrimental effects of stress, and send you back to peak performance and the enjoyment of life.

Pesticides are used to control and destroy pests in crops, but are also poisonous to humans, resulting in many major health problems involving the immune system, nervous system and causes hormonal imbalances for women and men, and now, even in school aged children. (Rage: Another column.)

Lifestyle behaviors are the greatest predictor of health and wellness. Persons who make the effort to eat the right foods, rest, manage stress, sleep eight to nine hours per night, and drink adequate amounts of water, certainly will reap the greatest benefits from taking nutritional

supplements. However, I tell persons who continue to smoke, eat unhealthy foods including fast foods and fried foods, refined sugar, bad fats, sodas and sports drinks and who over consume alcohol; to save the money they’d spend on supplements. Their going to need it for prescription drugs. Nutritional supplements are a waste for this person, they are looking for magic, and it just is not there. So, the answer to the question, should you be taking supplements, is simply yes.

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