Callen Alumni Membership Drive “Stay on Line in 2009”

The response of the Alumni and Friends to the membership drive, “Stay on line in 2009” is very encouraging and heart -warming. We greatly appreciate your immediate responses.

Early to respond are: E. Bruce Adams; Ruth Alexander; Rosemary Banks; Lonnie Batchelor, New York; Dr. William Bland, Atlanta, Ga.; Dr. Albertha Boston; James Boston; Dorothy B. Campbell; Ed Campbell; James Cobham, Jr. Toledo, Ohio; Rev. Carolyn Dowse; Rev. Willie Gwyn; James Habersham; Commissioner James J. Holmes; Theodore Hunter; Barbara A. Jackson; William B. Jackson; Eugene M. Johnson; Eugene R. Johnson; Dr. Lester B. Johnson, Jr.; Alderman Clifton Jones, Jr.; Harry B. Ladson; Ormonde E. Lewis; Charles Nelson; John Owens, Sr.. Beaufort, S. C.; Nellie S. Oxner, Charlotte, N. C.; Swannie Richards; Dr. Louis Rivers, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mary F. Simmons; Walter B. Simmons; Elizabeth Stewart; James Stewart; Everett Toney, Kennesaw, Ga.; Delores J. Washington; John A. White; Patricia White; Barbara Wilborn; James Willis; Dorothy B. Wilson; Lois Wooten; Donald Wright; Robbie Smith Wright; and Curtis Young, Linden, N. J..

If I missed sending you your enrollment package and you would like to enroll and help us in our struggles to support the local Club and maintain and enhance the legacy of Frank Callen, call me at 236 7496 and I will get an enrollment package to you.

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