Callen Alumni Elects Officers/Name Honorees for 2009

The Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club Alumni and Friends elected the following officers at the December meeting: Sam Jones, president; Raymond Rouse, vice president; Edward B. Campbell, treasurer; James Stewart, assistant treasurer; Dorothy H. Scott, financial secretary; Dorothy B. Campbell, recording secretary; Charlena Brown, assistant recording secretary; Joe Murray Rivers, parliamentarian; and Charley Brown, chaplain.

The honors committee recommended the following persons and organization for recognition in 2009 for meritorious service to the Club: Lawrence Hutchins, Richard Foster Singleton, Mrs. Lois Wooten and The Unique Dolls Socia/Civic Club. This group will be recognized and honored at the 6th Meritorious Service Awards Luncheon, scheduled for Saturday January 24th, at lla.m. in the Eden Room of the Temple ofn Glory Community Church located at 1105 Stiles Avenue.

President Sam Jones and County Commissioner James J. Holmes, Chairman of the committee to restore Frank Callen’s name to its rightful place of honor and dignity reported that efforts are being pursued to this end. The Annual Membership Drive will get under way this month. You will receive your enrollment information pack not later than December 27th. If you do not receive one and is interested in joining our efforts, call Walter B. Simmons at 236 7496.

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