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Dear Senator, Don’t Filibuster Democracy!

As regressive forces try to split us apart, we come together as people and communities directly impacted by the evils of a society that Dr. King diagnosed over 50 years ago as “approaching spiritual death.” Evils such as voter suppression, economic exploitation, lack of healthcare, ecological devastation and a war-based economy. Evils that, together, we can challenge. And together, we can overcome.

But today a relic of Jim Crow legislative obstructionism stands in the way of healing the nation

We recognize that our vote, our wages, our healthcare, our infrastructure, and our voice are being blocked by an immoral filibuster. And we are not the first generation to have fundamental human rights fall victim to this Jim Crow relic used by reactionary forces through history. The filibuster has been used to block civil rights, labor rights, voting rights, living wages, healthcare access, especially for poor and low-wealth Black, Brown, White, Asian and Indigenous people. The filibuster continues to facilitate idolatrous policy platforms about who deserves to thrive and who does not. The filibuster is being used to block our very democracy, and we join together to say, “DON’T FILIBUSTER DEMOCRACY!” Add your Name and Zip Code SPONSORED BY

A Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

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