Call for Study Participants: SSU Community Obesity Outreach Proposal

Savannah State University (SSU) is seeking 200 participants for a oneyear research, educational, and community outreach program on obesity. The study is being funded by a $49,994 grant from the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research, through funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH).

The aims of the COOP study are to educate and inform low-income minority youth and adults in Savannah about the health risks of obesity, and to provide them information and tools to improve their health. One hundred (100) people are needed to participate in a study group, and another 100 are needed for the control group. The study group participants will attend regular exercise sessions (including diet review) and lecture/workshop sessions. Physical measurements (weight, blood pressure, etc.) will be taken periodically to chart their progress. The study group will meet over a period of six months. The progress of the study group participants will be compared to the control group, who will not receive any health interventions.

Research and outreach in this area is critical. Nationwide, minority, lowincome people have a greater incidence of obesity. In Savannah, a high percentage of low-income residents are obese, making this a significant minority health and health disparities issue for the community. Through this initiative, SSU hopes to develop a research database on participants’ health profiles and the impact of health interventions on their health. Another goal of the program is to strengthen the collaborations and networking with health care and community groups in Savannah, and lay the groundwork for longer-term and sustained outreach programs in the future. Partners in the COOP study are the St. Joseph’s/Candler African- American Health Information and Resource Center.

Eligibility requirements to participate in the COOP study are: 1) be low-to moderate income, 2) minority, 3) overweight or obese, and 4) at least 8 years of age. All age groups will be included (50 youth, 50 adult males, 100 adult females). The first 200 people to meet the eligibility criteria will be included.

Participation in both groups is free. All health and personal information concerning the participants will be kept confidential. Participants are expected to remain in the program for the 12 month program duration to provide complete research data. Activities in the program will be scheduled on the SSU campus and at the St. Joseph’s/Candler African- American Health Information and Resource Center and at other community centers in the West Savannah area.

To apply or for more details about the program, contact Dr. Hetty Jones, SSU, at (912) 691-6202.

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