C D Wright Healing & Deliverance Ministries to hold 4 Night Revival

C D Wright Healing & Deliverance Ministries International presents a 4 Night Revival “Reproof of the Shepherds and the return of the sheep” Ezekiel 34:1-2 & Jeremiah 23.

Come one come all and bring your Bible, your belief & Your Holy Ghost Boldness December 9, 10, 11 & 12 2009, Wednesday-Saturday at 7:30 PM Nightly, Spirit & Truth Church, 1212 B. Montgomery Cross Road.

The speaker will be the anointed Apostle Dr. Calvin D. Wright. He has been in the ministry for twenty-eight years and has overcome many challenges of life and when asked,” What would he take for his journey with God?” his reply is “Nothing, I can’t give up now, I must press my way through.” Apostle Wright has a love for the human race, which he demonstrates through preaching, praying, prophesying and counseling those who are in need of a one on one word from God. His motto is “Press, Pray & Persevere”.

For more information, contact Pastor Carolyn Hendley at 224-3311, or Woodrow Williams at 631- 1423.

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