BYU vs Georgia Southern Football Donation Drive


Georgia Southern announced the Thursday before the BYU football game that it would be a sold-out stadium, a record selling game. And as the beautiful fall weather welcomed thousands of Brigham Young University fans to town, so did the people of Statesboro.

BYU hosted a tailgate party on the Georgia Southern campus where over 2,500 fans showed up. As a way to give back to Georgia Southern and Statesboro for hosting all the BYU fans, they had a charity drive at the tailgate. They asked their attendees to bring donations to benefit Fostering Bullock, Statesboro First United Methodist Soup Kitchen, and the Statesboro Food Bank.

“We knew we would be bringing thousands of BYU fans to Georgia Southern for the football game and our tailgate,” said Tiffany Bird, BYU Alumni Georgia Chapter Chair, and one of the organizers of the BYU tailgate. “We wanted to show Statesboro and Georgia Southern how much we appreciate them for hosting and welcoming all of our fans for the weekend.

The tailgate attendees brought children diapers, children’s winter clothing and coats, and nonperishable and canned foods for the charity drive, while others donated money. From the event, the three nonprofits collected over 200 coats, 300 boxes of diapers, and several large bags of children’s winter wear.

“It was absolutely phenomenal to see all the food come at just the right time during this holiday season when we serve hundreds of families,” said Jodi Brannon from the Statesboro Food Bank.

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