Bryant Announces Candidacy for Savannah School Board District 3

Jabari R. Bryant
Jabari R. Bryant

Jabari R. Bryant announced his candidacy for the Savannah Chatham County School Board District 3 position 7:00 pm May 12, 2012 to dozens of enthusiastic supporters at Carey Hilliard’s Restaurant on Skidaway Road.

Jabari Bryant is a graduate of the Savannah Chatham County Public School System and the University System of Georgia. Finishing H.V. Jenkins High School and Georgia State University, Mr. Bryant is a product as well as champion of public education. Mr. Jabari Bryant is currently Executive Director of Today for Tomorrow Incorporated (a nonprofit community improvement corporation) and serves on the Board of Scattering Resources Incorporated (a nonprofit disaster response and relief corporation based out of Atlanta, Georgia). Mr. Bryant is also a former educator and coach having worked in the Jasper County School District.

Jabari Bryant’s campaign platform focuses on an increase in transparency in district finances and the decision making process; increased performance and results within the district academically and overall; and greater accountability on all levels in the public education sphere (including students, teachers, administrative and within the community) and increased partnership with community improvement organizations.

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