Brian Reese For Congress


Brian Reese is our choice to represent the 1st District of Georgia in the United States Congress. Since he announced his candidacy, he has traveled to all parts of the district that includes rural and inner-city neighborhoods. His message to the voters has not changed, regardless of his audience. We believe his views are clearly in tune with the views of our readers.

Reese supports the Affordable Care Act because he considers access to quality, affordable healthcare a basic human right. He is appalled that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal did not accept the Federal funding and expand Medicaid to thousands of Georgians without healthcare and forcing many small hospitals to close. He says that expanding Medicaid and totally enacting the Affordable Care Act in Georgia is good policy, good business, and good sense. He also says that he will not allow the radical right wing of the Republican Party to repel the law, but move forward with implementing and making improvements to the law. He does not believe a business, regardless of the owner’s religion, should be involved in the health care decisions that their employees make.

Reese supports background checks at all places where guns are sold and other sensible gun laws that do not weaken the 2nd Amendment but will ensure the safety of all Americans. He is for equal pay for equal work and increasing the minimum wage. Brian also believes, and will continue to strongly advocate for, a strong presence of our military installations at Hunter and Fort Stewart, and that our Georgia Ports will continue its growth and development.

Reese is a Savannah native, who has lived in this area most of his life. He is a graduate of H. V. Jenkins High School of Savannah and earned a degree in Political Science at Savannah State University. His current employment is with the United Parcel Services as a managing supervisor. He and his wife Sandi are the parents of two children. Reese is energetic and his views are clear, straightforward, positive and refreshing. He promises to work hard and be a positive voice in Congress, promoting issues that benefit all of the people of the District and the Country. It would be great to have a Congressman who will tell you his position on the issues and what he believes. Reese is a Democrat who is willing to champion Democratic values.

We, at The Savannah Tribune, believe that Brian Reese would be an outstanding representative for the 1st District of Georgia. We urge our readers in the 1st District to vote early to make him your Congressman. If you cannot vote early, please make sure you go to the polls on November 4th and help elect Brian Reese.

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