“Breakthrough: An Explosion Of Parent Unity In The Community

In a collaborative effort to reclaim and redirect challenged youth, the Educational Leaders for Change (ELC) Collaborative continues its efforts to develop initiatives fostering change within our communities, homes, and schools.

In the wake of recent crisis situations that have affected communities throughout the United States, Educational Leaders for Change (ELC) Collaborative request you to embrace this very important initiative. ELCC with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Savannah Alumnae Chapter and others will join the 9th Annual “BREAKTHROUGH: An Explosion of Parent Unity in the Community,”

August 10, 2013 through August 12, 2013 in it’s effort to foster change within our communities. The three day event will provide a foundation for parents to take a stand and “get involved” with children at home, at school, and in the community. It is the goal of ELC Collaborative to create awareness for the much needed cry for “parental involvement” by collaborating with parents, disseminating information, gathering needed data, providing support, guidance, and an educational forum that will positively impact the growth and development of our youth.

In order to bring this annual event to fruition, ELC Collaborative requests the support of churches, businesses, community groups, schools, and other organizations to join our “Walk for Positive Parenthood on Saturday, August 10, 2013, beginning at the Savannah Civic Center at 10:00 A.M. Show support of “Parent Unity in the Community,”for parental involvement is a major key to keeping our children safe and the major key to our children’s success. Additionally, it is an investment in the success of our schools.

Your valued input is greatly appreciated. In order to positively touch parents and students in all communities and continue our quest to make a difference in their lives, we must become an involved community. Parental and community involvement equals student success. Please support the success of our children.

For scheduling information or any questions related to these important events should be directed to Dr. Patricia M. Harris at 912.354.2273 or Dr. Virginia J. Morrison at 912.355.5832. You may also email Dr. Harris at pharris1@bellsouth.net and Dr. Morrison at vmorriso@bellsouth.net

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