Bobcat of Savannah Will Be A Community Partner To Isle of Hope K8 In Support Of The School’s STEM Program

Bobcat of Savannah has agreed to be a community partner to Isle of Hope K8 in support of the school’s STEM program. Isle of Hope K8 qualified to go to NASA for finals in the Student Space Shuttle Program. Bobcat General Manager John Hopper presented the school’s astronaut club with a $2500 check that will be used to help the team purchase the needed supplies to train for the 2017 State Finals at Kennedy Space Center, February 13-15, 2017. Bobcat of Savannah will also help the team raise the necessary funds to cover the trip expenses and work with the school to eventually build a simulator (SIM) of the Space Shuttle for future teams.

Isle of Hope student astronauts scored high enough in the regional competition last October, held at Richmond Hills Middle School to seat a six-member team for the finals. The Student

Astronaut Challenge is “dedicated to providing schools with the ability to foster interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The contest promotes creativity, teamwork, the understanding and application of STEM subjects, and the sharing of ideas.”

With the generous help of Bobcat of Savannah, Isle of Hope students will be able to represent Savannah Chatham Public Schools in a four-part challenge over three days in Cape Canaveral, including an engineering challenge, a lab presentation (growing food on Mars), a landing challenge, and a team challenge of launching and landing the Space Shuttle. The on-going encouragement, mentoring, and financial support provided by Bobcat of Savannah will allow IOH students to experience areas of STEM unlike ever before.

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