Bobby Seale Visits Savannah State University

Co-Founder of Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale interviewed by Sylvia Alls
Co-Founder of Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale interviewed by Sylvia Alls

It was a large turn out. Many people, student, professors, locals, and media showed up to listen, learn and watch in awe as the co-founder of the Black Panther Party started from the beginning of how it all started.

Bobby Seale, a Texas native, grew up in Oakland, Ca. With a strong work ethic, due to his father’s helping, and a thirst of knowledge, Seale attended Merritt College to become an engineer. However, even with his knowledge, he was not immune to the stinging racism of the 1960’s.

Seale spoke to the audience that packed the Student Union Ballroom on Savannah State’s campus about how he was influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He regaled the crowd by stating how he admired King for his zeal and gumption to make serious changes within the black community.

During his lecture, he began to share to listeners how the Black Panther Party began. After being arrested by cop, not in uniform, for use of improper speech, and arresting Huey P. Newton as well, he was convinced to start an organization that would change the white man’s political infrastructure; allowing black people a fair chance to serve on governmental boards and committees. Hence, with much preparation and full of frustration, the Black Panther Party was created, October 1966.

Afterwards, Seale signed books and posters and posed with eager individuals for pictures. While he is not apart of the Black Panther Party, he remembered quite vividly the beginnings, the struggles, the successes, and the downfalls of his organization. Seale’s efforts should be a daily reminder to all of how far we have come and how far we have to progress towards equality for the black race. African American’s have made great strides to try and close the racial gap that has been plaguing this country for centuries, and Seale, like many others are a great example to follow; to learn how to fight and to revolutionize. #BHM

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