Black-Owned Business Develops Financial Literacy Tools for Children

Sense 2 Cents, a financial literacy company for children, is dedicated to empowering a generation of financially educated African American children. In an effort to make financial education fun and easy to understand, the company produced vibrantly colored financial literacy flashcards and a financial literacy activity book for children.

“After realizing the disparity among African Americans and lack of financial knowledge and understanding, it became evident that my greatest impact to cultivate change would start with educating our youth at an early age,” says Ashley M. Clark, Founder of Sense 2 Cents. “It is my hope that the financial literacy flashcards and activity book make learning fun and effective for the entire family.”

The Sense 2 Cents Financial Literacy Flashcards include 55 important financial words defined in simple language including terms like profit, loan, and savings among others. The flashcards are grouped into four sets and each set contains vocabulary words that correspond to the fundamentals of financial literacy. Parents are encouraged to use the flashcards to play games with their children and reward them as they begin to understand the language and usage.

The Sense 2 Cents Financial Literacy Activity Book includes 15 pages of games and activities that challenge children to establish financial goals. In the book, children will learn how to create a budget, write a check, save money and more. Parents are asked to work with their children to ensure that they not only complete each activity, but that they begin to use the concepts in real life.

Sense 2 Cents also hosts financial literacy workshops for children ages 8 – 14. The Sense 2 Cents Jumpstart Academy educates children on economics, banking, investing and credit in a classroom setting that is exciting and engaging. During the 60-minute session, attendees dance, participate in group sessions and discussions. At the end of each session, children receive certificates commemorating their completion of the workshop.

To purchase the Sense 2 Cents Financial Literacy Flashcards, Financial Literacy Activity Book or learn more about the Sense 2 Cents Jumpstart Academy, visit

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