Black Marriage Day Celebration

“What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder>” Mark 10:9

Reverend Dr. Jerome William Baker and the Bethel M. B. Church, 5863 Ogeechee Road, family cordially invite all Pastors, congregations and the entire coastal empire to help us celebrate The Sixteenth Annual Black Marriage Day Celebration Sunday March 24, 2019 @ 5:00 p.m.

The theme for this year is “LOVE + MARRIAGE = HAPPINESS”

Every year we encourage African Americans to live according to God’s will as husband and wife, and to be fruitful members of society, always willing to help in our communities. This is our sixteenth anniversary and our children are still dying, being killed, incarcerated, dropping out of school and being marginalized. Every time I check the news about a killing, I realize that’s somebody’s child who was killed and somebody’s child who did the killing, you get my point?

This year we are asking you to help us to encourage and honor Single Parents and children of one parent households. Despite hardships they still make great strides to become relevant and productive. Some of them need our help and not neglect. What ever happened to the VILLAGE?

We need a financial blessing from all who can, to make this a success. saving one child, and if that child is yours or your grandchild, is it worth it? Please contact Deacon Hunt 912- 596-1532.

The B.M.D. Celebration is for all couples who kept their marriage vows sacred. Every Race, Color and Creed is invited. Those regardless of hardships and circumstances kept the faith and became good parents and grandparents.

We will not ask your personal age but if you have been married sixty (60), fifty (50), forty (40), 30, 20, years or less. We have a treat for you. Please join us as we try our best to reward all Married couples. We will renew our wedding vows, share our declaration of love to each other, “Jump the broom”, cut a beautiful wedding cake; and have pictures taken. All of the aforementioned, is following a powerful message by Pastor Barnard and First LadyTameitra Bryant of New Zion Baptist Church. We are waiting on you!

The program for the youth and parents will be March 23, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

Loving God more than ourselves,

Rev. Dr. Jerome William

Baker, Pastor

Deacon Florida Hunt,

Chairman Deaconess Sonja King-Truell, Administrative Assistant

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