Black Caucus Meeting With President Obama

President Obama meets with members of the Congressional Black Caucus
President Obama meets with members of the Congressional Black Caucus

On May 12, The Congressional Black Caucus held their first full Caucus meeting with President Obama.

The CBC emphasized the importance of innovative job and wealth creation, especially for the African American community, which is the hardest hit by the recession.

President Obama and the CBC discussed a myriad of issues, but jobs were the primary focus including ways to address the conditions of the long term unemployed. The CBC expressed to the President the importance of immediately identifying resources available for investment for critical programs that serve vulnerable communities. T h e Caucus proposed the idea of youth jobs through aid and clean up of the recent tornado and flood ravished areas. President Obama expressed his commitment to short and long term strategies to ensure economic growth thereby creating a more prosperous America.

The President also assured the Caucus of their critical role as a partner in addressing the economic woes of our time.

President Obama expressed his goal to create a robust economy that will generate jobs for those in the African American community and for all Americans.

The Congressional Black Caucus is committed to continuing its work with the Obama Administration to get America back to work.

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