Bill Lyght Writes Autobiography


Bill Lyght, with the help of his wife, wrote an autobiography about his family history and time in the military and police department.

After he retired from Savannah Police Department in 1998 he really wanted to write an autobiography as a way to record his family history for his children. Since ‘98 he has been writing his story on and off.

“When I began to write I discovered that I needed to talk about my parents and grandparents and early life and my military assignments,” Lyght said. Also, Lyght discovered interesting facts that he did not know previously about his family.

“The most interesting thing was that my fraternal grandfather was a slave and that his grandmother was married four times,” Lyght said.

The process of writing this book meant Lyght undertook rigorous research, and he attributes his writing skills to his time as a military officer. “In order to be a successful military offer I had to maintain good and efficient reports.” Lyght said.

In the book, Lyght also discusses how racism in the military kept him from getting some promoted to certain positions. “I had a great career because a lot of people helped me gain good assignments and locations and by the end of my career most high ranking officers were less racist,” Lyght said.

Lyght thanked his wife, Brenda, for her encouragement and support, especially her efforts with gathering and printing the photos of his family members that are featured.

Lyght ends his autobiography with a series of life lessons he has learned and wishes to pass down to others.

He hopes that this book inspires others to write down their own family history. “Every family has a story, no matter what their lot in life is, and I wanted to tell my family story so my descendants would know about me and my family,” Lyght said.

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