Bethel to hold Songs of Salvation Program

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Savannah, Inc., 5863 Ogeechee Road, will hold its Annual Songs of Salvation Program, October 7th, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

We hear too often “Do not forget those old hymns”. Well the truth is we do not know the old hymns, and unless we sing one every Sunday our youth will never learn them and when the elders of the church pass on to glory , the old hymns will die too. It is our desire to plant a seed in all who attend and commit to learning these songs sung in the proper key or meter.

Bring your favorite historical song, prayer or message and let’s have church like we used to before we got important and sophisticated . Before we became sopranos, altos etc. we had harmony and a beat and God knew exactly what we were saying.

There is a blessing from God waiting for his people to claim it. Then let’s go to your church and other churches and keep passing this torch.

Rev. Jerome William Baker, Pastor

Florida Hunt, Chairman of Deacons.

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