Bernetta Lanier Announces For 1st Aldermanic District Seat


Bernetta Lanier announced her bid to run for the 1st District Seat on Savannah’s City Council on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 outside of the Hudson Hill Community Center. This is her 2nd bid for the seat. Four years ago she challenged the then 12-year incumbent. Mrs. Lanier is a 4th generation resident of her neighborhood. She is President of Hudson Hill Community Organization, a Community Advocate for Greater West Savannah and she is Founder of Ivory Bay Community Development Corporation.

From the last election until this time, she has continued to work for the people by using her unique skill-set for community building and organizing. Her focus areas are “Smart Growth and Development” and “Building Wealth in Low-Wealth Communities”. Now with the 1st District Seat being vacated, Bernetta Lanier plans to elevate her work to the next level and close what she has dubbed “the Citizens Gap”.

Bernetta’s campaign slogan is…“It’s the People’s Time!”

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