Berksteiner Crowned as Miss Black Savannah USA


On May 21, 2017 Ambria Berksteiner closed the doors of her matriculation at Spelman College and opened the doors to her reign as Miss Black Savannah USA 2017. As a recent Spelman college graduate, and while maintaining academic success Ambria has held many leadership roles throughout the Spelman College community. She was a Spelman College Student Ambassador; member of the Spelman College Glee Club; member of the Spelman College branch of the NAACP; and member of the National Society of Black Engineers. Ambria is a trained researcher working under institutions such as the University of Utah and Morgan State University studying areas of statistics and how nanostructured materials have shaped up the field of energy conversion. Ambria also had the opportunity to participate in the NASA’s 2017 Summer Internship Program.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Industrial Engineering while pursuing a Masters of Science in Industrial

Design at Auburn University, Miss Berksteiner has always been an advocate for the STEM fields as well as the arts. Visual Arts has always been a passion of hers; From her high school days at Savannah Arts Academy creating outfits to grace the runways of the annual Junk 2 Funk Fashion Show to creating the pictures from her mind using multiple mediums. She believes that creativity is key and it should be cultivated at an early age. Working with the STEM 360 Summer Enrichment Camp of Savannah Sate University and throughout the city of Savannah, Ambria has devoted her time to stimulate the minds of students ages elementary to high school to explore careers in STEM fields. Since obtaining this prestigious title she has continued to use her voice to bring awareness to the math and sciences, working diligently to expose underrepresented students to different areas of the STEM fields. Ambria’s platform Operation: Changing the World One STEM at a Time will provide mentoring to young African-American girls who are interested in pursuing STEM related careers. She hopes to captivate their attention by incorporating STEM concepts with Visual Arts Concepts, making an outwardly boring subject to some students enjoyable through imagination and creativity.

African American women pursue engineering degrees three times less often than their male counterparts. Ambria shines a spotlight on the valuable experiences and knowledge that African American women bring to STEM. Her goal is to show young ladies that engineering is vast and diverse, motivating them to change the world one STEM at at time.

Miss. Berksteiner will have the honor of representing Savannah in the 2017 Miss Black Georgia USA Scholarship Pageant in the Albany area in late September. She will not only be competing for the coveted title but for an academic scholarship to help continue her educational endeavors. For appearances, donations and sponsorships contact Ambria Berksteiner at or go to her public Facebook page @missblacksavannahusa.

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