Beaches and Borders Tour of Tybee Island

Saturday, June 1, 2013, 9:30a- 11:30a. Our Beaches to Borders tour isa2hourexplorationofthe salt marshes and beach on Tybee Island. We will walk down into the salt marsh at low tide and get an up close view of the many plants and animals that call the salt marsh home. Come see birds roosting and feeding as well as the many fiddler crabs that scramble across the sandy mud flats. Enjoy a detritus facial as you learn about the many environmental services the salt marsh provides in addition to how marshes have changed in terms of human use and perspective since the time of the Native Americans. We will then continue the tour on Tybee’s beach to understand how islands form and change and how our coastline functions. Beachcomb with your naturalist guide as you learn more about the cultural and natural history of our coastline. vFee: $25/person ($15/child under 12 accompanied by a parent) includes use of binoculars and spotting scope. Tour size 4-15 people. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

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