Beach Institute Presents The Mind and Thoughts of Richard Law


On Sunday, March 11,2012, the Beach Institute will open the first exhibit in the 2012 series with the continual theme A New Vision for the Arts. The Mind and Thoughts of Richard Law, is on exhibit of works by artist, musician and master barber, Richard Law. The opening reception will take place at 3pm in the West Gallery of the Beach Institute with a gallery talk by the artist. This collection is a blend of Folk, Jazz, and Contemporary art all drawing from an inspired background and religious principles. In these pieces you will see everyday tasks displayed in a meaningful presentation with colors being textured and extremely rich.Born in beautiful coastal urban port city of Savannah, Artist Richard Law is inspired by his upbringing in the deep south. His work depicts black culture and low country scenes in Georgia and South Carolina. In the Foundation’s efforts to continue to expand the minds and thoughts of our local students, Mr. law will conduct a youth workshop with students from Butler Elementary School. The workshop will kick-off with a gallery talk by law focusing on a discussion involving the kinds of experiences we go through in life and the choices we make that could have on impact on our life. Then participants will have a hands-on session by creating their own piece of work based on on event or story they recall from their early childhood memories or someone special they care about. He will then advise the students to invoke these feelings as he guides them through the production of their own masterpiece of art using acrylic on canvas. This event is free and open to the public. Funding for the Low Exhibit is provided in part by the City of Savannah. For additional information, contact (912) 234- 8000 or visit

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