Beach Institute Presents The Heart And Soul Of Child Welfare Works

Artwork By George E. Miller, II
Artwork By George E. Miller, II

On Sunday, May 5, 2013, the Beach Institute will opens its only exhibit in the 2013 series with the continual theme A New Vision for the Arts. The Heart and Soul of Child Welfare is an exhibit of works by artist, poet, and motivational speaker George E. Miller, II. The opening reception will take place at 3pm in the West Gallery of the Beach Institute with a gallery talk by the artist.

“The Heart and Soul of Child Welfare” is the title of Mr. Miller’s exhibition, and it is a series that will consist of 20 or more images (print lithographs and posters). Mr. Miller’s series is created to inspire all people to advocate for the health and well being of all children. As a child I suffered much physical abuse from my father. The artwork that I create now is still therapeutic for me. I hope it is equally healing for my viewers. The overall theme of my artwork is “Love One Another”. The feeling I hope to convey when you see my artwork is love. Parents and grandparents love your children. To teachers, counselors, nurses, social workers, etc., may my artwork inspire you to take those extra steps to see that all our children’s needs are met, to make sure they are safe and to intervene on their behalf when needed.”

“Children are easily frightened into silence, I hope that my art will be a voice for children and somehow make a difference in a child’s or caregiver’s life.”

Mr. Miller who resides in Orange Park, Florida has created a line of educational art complete with hidden messages as his way of giving back to the “Village” that raised him so wonderfully. Mr. Miller speaks to our children with passion, humor and energy. He tells a delightful story of why math, spelling, reading and history are such important subjects for an “artist” or any other career a young person might be interested in entering. Educational artist George Miller creates art that advocates for the education and well being of all children for over 15 years. His artwork is vibrant, multicultural and inspiring. “I love to create art that has meaning and purpose and art that will inspire and move people into action. And art that draws out your compassion, your faith, your hope and your love. I live for that special time when I am creating artwork, and it feels like I am outside of myself sort of witnessing the whole creative process and the end result is so much more than I ever planned it to be—for fulfilling. It doesn’t happen every time I create and I never know when it will come but I live for those moments. I am always hoping that my next painting will be the one when the “spirit” takes over and works through me to put it’s message out to the world”.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this self taught artist credits God-given talent and being surrounded by his father’s art as the driving forces in his career. George is married and the father of three lovely daughters. His passion for art is matched only by his abiding love for children and tremendous respect for those who educate and care for them. A gifted, dedicated conceptual artist, George creates with strong, loving statements and brilliant color. He uses his God-given talent to help solve the problems that plague our communities, schools and families.

His work has been exhibited nationally and is quickly spreading across the world. Many of you have seen his “It Takes An Entire Village…” in the Disney Movie entitled “The Preacher’s Wife”.

This event is free and open to the public. Funding for the Miller Exhibit is provided in part by the City of Savannah. For additional information, contact (912) 234-8000 or visit

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