Beach High School Class Of 1946 Celebrates 73rd Anniversary Luncheon

Dr. Lester “Chief” Johnson, called us” the pace setters” in recognition of the June class becoming the 1st Beach Class to hold a reunion. Back in the day, Beach High School annually held a January graduation and a June graduation. They added another graduation for the convenience of returning service men. Dr. Prince A. Jackson, Jr. and Pastor Mathew S. Brown, were members of this class. Significantly, this was the first and only time Beach High School held three graduations in one year. Across the years, the classes merged into one Class. We have since evolved into a family by adopting spouses and children, who celebrate with us.

At our recent gathering Jessie Collier DeLoach led our program. She greeted us and made us realize how blessed we were to be able gather in love another time. Deacon John Alston, delivered a very spirited prayer and blessed the food. Members introduced their families. Walter B. Simmons gave the occasion and a brief history of the class. Jessie C. DeLoach presented a moving memorial to those members who have passed since our last gathering:

Adel O. Black, Dr. William H. Bland, Chance Grant, Dr. Clifford E. Hardwick III, Lillie Palmer, Nathalie W. Reynolds and Earl Thornton.

Deacon Raleigh Stevens presented the closing remarks and prayer. A bountiful and delicious sitdown luncheon was enjoyed by all.

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