Beach High School Alumni Assoc. Crowns Outstanding Youth

The Beach High School National Alumni honored Woodville Tompkins and crowned two young outstanding boys on there 147th anniversary on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at St. Phillips AME Church. The outstanding young men are KeSean Jenkins and J.B Powell. They were crowned Mr. Talented and Best all Around Student of the Year. They are well mannered, honor roll students who attend

Sunday school, and play basketball at Woodville Tompkins. There goal is to go to college and to do well in all things. Their motto is “Never give up”. The boys are telling other young boys and girls that life is what you make it and you can make it if you try very hard. Its time we shine the light on wonderful young men like KeSean Jenkins and J.B. Powell. We pray that other boys follow in their footsteps. Minister Rita Hunter, President/ CEO of B.H.N.A will have the two boys go around to churches, schools, and centers to tell people that we must save the youth in America. No more shooting, killing, and bullying. It is time to embrace peace, love, and togetherness. Remember these words from above. How pleasant for brothern to dwell together in unity. Psalms 133:1

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