Be Little in Yourself

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

As a child (the youngest of 7 that lived to receive a name), I always thought to always want the smallest part of anything. I grew up without a mother and a father, but as long as I had them, I remember their love for me. I was very naïve and quiet. I came up in school even wanting the smallest part of anything. While playing intramural basketball at Beach High, I played the guard, not being a forward to shoot the basketball, but to guard the offensive team from doing anything against my team which also is a very important part. I played two instruments in the Beach band. I started with the clarinet, and then I wanted to play the cymbals, not realizing that when I hit the cymbals, it was the sound that everyone turned on – again a very important part.

I think the smallest part of a tooth is the nerve – a very important part. I think with sewing, the smallest part of stitching is the thread – a very important part. The Bible talks about being small, being humble in 2 Chronicles 7:14, Psalms 34:2, Proverbs 16:19, Matthew 18:4, 23:12, James 4:6, James 4:10, 1Peter 5:5 and 1Peter 5:6. I also heard in the olden days that “the humble tastes the grace.” So young and old people don’t be so proud and think you are so big and important.

But think little and be “the important.” Help someone else, be someone to take up the slack. God cares for the humble in spirit and He will greatly reward you for “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Let 2012 be a year of insignificance and you will be significant indeed! God bless you all and have a very happy New Year.

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