AWWIN to hold 12,000 Women Hand Up Challenge Kickoff Reception

Saralyn U. Argrow
Saralyn U. Argrow

AWWIN, Inc is hosting the AWWIN 12,000 Women Hand Up Challenge Kickoff Reception Thursday, August 27 at the Savannah Mall at 6:00PM. In the old Disney Store (Next to 24 Hours Fitness, Lower Level)

Our tagline for the kickoff is: “What’s Your Challenge?” Meet us at the AWWIN 12,000 Women Hand Up Challenge Kickoff Reception at the Savannah Mall, August 27 and Help Change the Lives of Women and Children in Our Communities “One Woman At A Time

We are asking 12,000 women nationwide to donate $20.00 or more if you like. Make the CHALLENGE to your girl friends, civic groups, churches, organizations, family members, etc.

Thank you for your ongoing support of AWWIN, Inc. (A Working Woman In Need). “The AWWIN 12,000 Women Hand Up Challenge” is to expand our services in Savannah and expand to nearby cities.

This challenge will allow us to fulfill our mission and vision in ways never before possible. Men are welcomed to be a part of the Challenge!!!

Please call Lydia Syed at 912-484-3054 to find out how you can be a part of this wonderful endeavor.

AWWIN, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization designed to assist the single working woman displaced due to various reasons such as divorce, illness, domestic violence, temporary loss of employment, etc

AWWIN is Argrow’s way of giving back that which was given to her. We so often become a GREAT SUCCESS in life and never share with other women how we made it or even that there was a struggle.

AWWIN has served over 400 families in the Savannah and surrounding area cities through the services they offer. The foundation of the organization is a thirty week computer and job readiness training class.

Please visit to find out more about AWWIN.

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