AWOL Sound Design Class Releases Third Album

Members of the AWOL Sound Design Class at work
Members of the AWOL Sound Design Class at work

The students in AWOL’s sound design program, known as The P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S. (The Positive Re-education Of Juveniles Everywhere Concerning The Streets), have completed the 22-week class and are about to celebrate their hard work and dedication with an album release party at the Lake Mayer Pavilion on June 26, from 4-7pm.

The students, who range in age from 13-22 and come from all over the city, spent nearly six months learning about music history, creative writing, music production and engineering while creating the music that appears on the album.

The songs were conceptualized, written and performed by local youth, and document their perspectives on issues ranging from injustice in the legal system to personal struggles faced growing up in the streets of Savannah.

The title, Dirty Water, is taken from one of the songs on the album, and is a metaphor for the flood of negative influences youth must rise above.

This group, which features poets, rappers, singers and an engineer, is the third class of students to complete AWOL’s sound design program and release an album.

Unlike years past though, students won’t be releasing a CD, but will instead package the album on download cards, each of which has a redemption code on the back allowing people to download the tracks from the Internet. Being environmentally friendly was part of the reason for the switch.

The download cards use less packaging, and produce less waste.

In addition, two free AWOL Projects 3 ring tones will be made available through a community partnership with Cricket Wireless.

“Cricket has partnered with AWOL since our launch in Savannah last year and we are excited about being a part of the Lake Bash and offering free ring tones from the Projects 3 group to our Cricket family,” said Tyler Proctor, District Director, Savannah.

This is the second year AWOL has hosted a Lake Bash for youth out at Lake Mayer that accompanied the album release party.

This year we are so lucky to have on board the Chatham County Youth Commission as a lead sponsor for this event.

The Chatham County Youth Commission’s mission is to provide the youth of Chatham County with a vehicle to learn about government, participate in the process and to represent and articulate the needs of youth in the County.

The event features food, live music and more.

Copies of the PROJECTS album will be available for sale at the event.

AWOL’s sound design program and the Lake Bash are possible thanks to support from the Chatham County Youth Commission, The City of Savannah, Cricket Wireless and The Governor’s Office for Children and Families.

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