Aspiring Author Ras Lazarus Nazari Seeks To Save Lives


While serving a 14-year sentence in the Jesup Federal Prison, Savannah native Ras Lazarus Nazari embarked on a spiritual journey to understand how and why he had come to be imprisoned. He had been an impressive star athlete, who some believed had a bright future, but there were decisions made that took away his chances for that future. He began interviewing his fellow inmates and discovered that they all had been faced with situation during their teen years that changed their lives forever. He penned Varsity Club and other works, through which he has created a written road map toward a better life, even after suffering life’s prices for mistakes. His characters are young, naive boys mimicking the situations of men.

By partnering with athletes, civic leaders, school administrators and community stakeholders, Nazari hopes to reach young men in their high school who are experiencing the challenges of entering the world of adulthood. His publisher plans organized panel discussions and screenings of the short film, which the book is being adapted into, in the hopes of fostering and encouraging conversation and awareness. More books are planned in a series and a regional tour is planned.

For more information contact the publishers rep Gwendolyn Jackson at 404.667.2810 or visit for the latest information.

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