Topic: Overcoming Perfectionism

Question: I successfully organized and executed a business event for a client. Now my client is asking me to organize another event twice its size. It’s a great opportunity for business exposure. But I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of whether I can pull it off. I’m also a perfectionist and want things done right which can slow down progress and rub people the wrong way. How can I maintain my high standards, manage my expectations of others, and aim to create a successful event? Signed, Bossy Event Planner. Answer: Congratulations on your success and new opportunity. Sometimes when you accomplish an amazing goal it’s easy to wonder if you can have repeat success. Such pondering is fear and self-doubt creeping in. Unfortunately, that kind of selfdoubt can put your perfectionism into overdrive. As a recovered perfectionist myself, please remember perfectionism is unrealistic and hard to achieve. It always causes unnecessary stress and worry. Instead, aim for excellence. Look at what you did very well the first time and take that to another level of excellence. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Be sure to partner with people that have complementary strengths to contribute. Work with folks who share the same value of hard work. Be mindful to practice emotional intelligence by keeping a listening ear for feedback from others. Try not to become to obsessive over the smallest details. Take a deep breath and trust your abilities. You’ve achieved this goal before. You’ve got this!

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