Artist Profile: Lewis T. Powell

Photo Credit: Johnny Elizalde
Photo Credit: Johnny Elizalde

Lewis T. Powell is a critically-acclaimed actor, director, producer, filmmaker, and screenwriter who is known as one of the most respected barbers in Hollywood.

Powell became an actor because he learned so much about people in his 31 years as a master barber. He often calls himself “a voyeur of life” from having interacted with so many people.

He used to do a lot of theater in elementary school and when he went to Howard University he took formal acting classes and became more fascinated with the way entertainment shapes people.

He has acted in a few notable projects such as CSI and Kings which features Halle Berry. He has also done several commercials, movies and TV shows such as Hit the Floor and Squatters.

His newest project is a short film he produced titled Padlock Men, which is a pseudo-historical film about a secret band of vigilante civil rights soldiers.

This film has been on the festival circuit is making its way around the film festival circuit nationally and internationally with 27 Official Selections two of which were Oscar qualifying to the project to date has a total of 17 wins and nominations.

“I love partaking in hero stories. A braveheart or a walking dead, something that can take you into a depth and you can challenge yourself and feel proud of that part,” Powell said about the parts that he likes to play.

In his time in writing, producing, directing and starring in Padlock Men, Powell found something special about working with mostly black artists.

“It was unspoken… we all knew what the vision was,” Powell said.

He is planning on coming to Savannah for a project soon.

“I love film and film has always been deep into my heart and it’s been a gift to be able to share it,” Powell said.

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