Are You Waiting Or Stalling?

Krystle Kai Pate
Krystle Kai Pate

Wait- to stay where one is delay until a particular time or until something else happens.

Stall- to delay or cause to stop making progress.

Ask yourself, are you waiting on God or are you stalling? It’s a legitimate question that we should all ask ourselves when moving in the purpose God has called us to. Waiting on God is a part of the journey. It requires walking by faith, trusting God, and obedience (Psalms 27:14). Stalling on the other hand is full of fear, excuses, and doubt. It is the path that leads us away from the promises of God and distracts us from the call.

If you’re waiting, then wait in peace. You are exactly where God wants you. Instead of viewing this time as God putting you in a corner, view it as a time for God to further mature you. In your place of waiting ask God to increase your prayer life, perfect your gifts, and strengthen your faith.

Waiting requires just as much energy as moving. You must stay alert and not grow complacent in your situation. This is your place of development and growth. No matter what the situation, God’s plan is in full affect. Your position may be uncomfortable and limiting, but God is in control. Remember you walk by faith not by sight. This is not a place of despair, but a place of hope.

If you’re stalling, stop. There is no need to fear, be strong and courageous, God is calling you. You are ready, and have been purposed for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). God is not swayed by your mistakes or missteps. Remember, He did not come for the strong but the weak, not the healthy but the sick (Matthew 9:12). No more excuses. Not knowing what to do next is no longer a valid reason of why you aren’t moving. Sometimes you are not meant to know where every step will lead. Sometimes the journey is not about the finish line. Rely on God’s expert navigation, He is the one who will give you the words, open the doors, and remove or add people to your life.

Trust God and believe that what He says will come to pass. Be confident in God’s choice. If He is preparing you to be a CEO you will be, if He called you to inventor you will be, if God said mother/father you will be. Trust and stand on the word of God.

Prayer: God thank you for never giving up on me and always reminding me of who I am and where I stand with you. You trust me when I barely trust myself with my dreams. You are always patient with me, giving me the gift of learning from my mistakes. God I pray that you give me peace in my waiting season. Allow me to learn how to find joy and strength in you. God I pray that you help me realize that once you say it I can believe. God I pray that in my moments of fear you will reassure me of your everlasting power. In Jesus name Amen

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