Are You Ready To Vote On November 6th?

Have You Received Your Voter Registration Precinct Card From Your County Of Residence? ACT BEFORE THESE IMPORTANT DEADLINE DATES

OCTOBER 5th (30 Days Before the Election):

Last Date to present official documents to the Voter

Registration Office of

A Change In Your Name since the last time you voted

A Change Of Address Within Savannah/Chatham

County since the last time you voted • A Change Of Address Outside Chatham County since the last time you voted (If more than 30 Days, you Must

Register in your New County of Residence).

OCTOBER 9th (Voter Registration Deadline Date)

• Register as a New Voter (Ages 18 and Above). You MUST have a valid Voter PHOTO ID Card** to register and to Vote (1. Valid Georgia Driver’s License; 2. Valid

U.S. Passport; 3. Valid ID issued by any State of Georgia entity, or other state in the USA; 4. Valid Employee ID issued by U.S. Government, State of Georgia and its counties, municipalities, boards, authorities or other entities; 5.

Valid U.S. Military ID; 6. Valid Tribal ID).

**FREE VOTER ID CARDS are issued at the

Voter Registration Office or Dept. of Driver Services,

1117 Eisenhower Dr., Savannah, GA

Reinstate Your Voter Status If You:

• Have not voted in an election since 2016

(You must register again) • Were a Convicted Felon and Completed ALL requirements for Probation and Parole (You must register)

SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 26th (Submit Application For The Absentee Ballot) • Submit the Application if you are unable to participate in In-Person Early Voting, or Voting on Election Day, November 6th. Registered Georgia voters outside Chatham County, or voters registered in another state in the U.S., should request the Application for the Absentee Ballot from the Voter Registration Office of your official permanent residency. Applications Should Be Requested Early For Processing So The Official Absentee Ballot Can Be Mailed To The Voter In Time For The Voter To Return The Ballot Before Election Day, November 6th.

SEPTEMBER 17 – NOVEMBER 2nd (Official Absentee Ballots Mailed To Voters) • The Voter Registration Office mails official ballots to voters. Voters must return Completed Ballots to the Voter Registration Office (postmarked or delivered in person) by close of polls on November 6th

OCTOBER 15TH – NOVEMBER 2nd (Early Voting In Chatham County) • Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Voter Registration Office, 1117 Eisenhower Dr. Additional times and other locations to be announced beginning October 29th.

NOVEMBER 6th: ELECTION DAY (7:00 am – 7:00 pm) • Deadline For Absentee Ballots To Reach Voter Registration Office

• Report to your assigned Voting Precinct for In-Person Voting if you did not participate in Early Voting or submit an Absentee Ballot

Information For College Students

College students who are registered Georgia voters and attend college outside Chatham County, or College Students who are registered in U.S. states outside Georgia should submit Applications for Absentee Ballots if unable to return home and participate in In-Person voting during Early Voting, or on Election Day, November 6th. Either the student, or a parent, guardian, sibling or close relative 18 years or older, may request the Application be mailed to the student’s college residence address, or the Application may be downloaded from the appropriate website. The student should complete and return the Application to his/her Voter Registration Office in time for the Official Ballot to mailed to the student’s college residence address. The completed Official Ballot must be returned to the Voter Registration Office before the posted deadline to be counted.

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