Are You at Risk for Colon Cancer?

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

Last week in our Diabetes class we watched a film which spoke of the link between poor diet, constipation and colon cancer. As you probably know it is my philosophy that poor nutrition is at the root of all diseases and disorders. The question was asked “how is it that constipation can cause colon cancer?”

Today, in this country especially, we are overwhelmed with illnesses of every kind, spend Billions on healthcare, are suffering from ‘over medication’, poor food, and also have the highest rate of death and disability from preventable causes, among the civilized nations. Why?

The answer is multi faceted and multi layered. The answer is layered in years, no – decades of greed, lies, corruption, and also in our desire to believe that ‘others’ have our best interest at heart. That our government will protect us, and that “ if this were true ‘somebody’ would do something about it.”

Health for all of us begins in the gut. When we eat consistently healthy, clean, nutrient dense foods, the digestive system works optimally. Digesting the foods, extracting the nutrients, and dispersing them to build new bone cells, oxygenate blood, clean out dead cells, replace, feed and restore the body in a million ways , some of which remain undiscovered, even to this day.

When we eat a diet of low nutrient foods, the body continues to force us to eat with cravings on top of cravings, sadness, depression, illnesses and more. Trying to get the nutrients it needs.

But also, constipation becomes a constant problem. As waste sits in the colon, it re-absorbs the toxins, back into the body, to poison it. Not once, but over and over. Low nutrients, low water, low fiber, and over and over the toxins build. Stagnation and rot injure the colon walls, year after year. The immune system becomes totally over-whelmed, trying to fight the internal toxins and fresh new toxins from the environment, every day! Inflammation sets in and can only make worse an already deadly situation. Trying to ward off the constant dangers!

Have you ever worked so hard, putting everything into your effort and seemingly to no avail? Getting nowhere? The body tries and tries and if nothing changes, finally gives up. The body is finally out of resources, not enough water, not enough nutrients, not enough fiber, what more can it do, with no resources? Colon cancer, most all cancers and 95% of all other illness are due in some way to a faulty diet. Any positive change you make in your diet will positively impact your health. Being consistent is yet another plus.

So, to clean out the colon and to activate the healing process we must add lots of pure, clean water to the diet. Adding a pinch of sea salt to the water to support the detox process.

Then use these foods high in fiber to actually scrub loose the toxins and usher them out of the body.

Apples, Avocados, green leafy veggies, peas and beans, fresh and often. Flax and chai seeds added to your salads and veggies, all in their way promote healthy digestion, are rich in fiber, and include both the soluble and insoluble forms of fiber. Nuts and seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which we need daily. Spinach, green olives, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, collard greens, sea vegetables, leeks, and Swiss chard are all high in chlorophyll, to help cleanse your digestive tract.

To counteract the damage to your gut and to reestablish the good and needed bacteria caused by food chemicals, antibiotics, low nutrient foods, environmental factors, stress and more, add to this, your new healthy protocol, a probiotic supplement, and probiotic rich foods like kimchi, and try the fermented beverages kombucha tea and kefir. You may like them once you give it a try. Aren’t you ready to try something new?

The body has lots of work to do, and every process requires water. Every breath we take uses water, as we exhale. The regulation of body temperature, our digestion, the kidneys, liver and bones, even the fluidity of our blood, all require water to do its job efficiently.

So many persons will ask, “how much water should I drink? ”, the answer always is ‘at least half your body weight in ounces of water every single day.’ Always; unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Remember, Health is a Choice!

Carolyn Guilford is a Certified Nutritionist, Consultant and Wellness Advocate specializing in nutrition for clients with diabetes, heart disease and cancer. She is an author and workshop organizer. Several of her publications are available in the Kindle format at author/carolynguilford. She holds monthly health talks at the Bull Street Public Library, which are free and open to all. If you have a question you’d like answered in ‘Toward True Health’ Please send to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and get new health tips at or write to Health Restoration Consulting Post Office Box 2814, Savannah, GA 31402.

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