Are the Foods we eat Really That Important?

Carolyn Guilford
Carolyn Guilford

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This is a question I get every time I speak to a group. My answer always goes something like this.

“In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve ate only fresh fruits, nuts and grains. Eve didn’t have a stove or microwave to prepare their meals. For us to have good health, we have to eat clean fresh raw foods.”

Raw food is live food; cooked food is dead food. How much fresh raw fruits and vegetables do you eat each day? And what is the condition of your health? How many medicines are you taking?

Food processing, refining, cooking, and now, microwaving, destroys the enzymes in the foods we eat. These enzyme deficient foods cause severe imbalances in our bodies, which turn into dis-ease.

The difference between live food and dead food is that cooked food has lost the ‘life force’. If you take two seeds, boil one of them, and then put them both in the ground, which one do you think would grow? Try it yourself. The un-cooked one will grow because the enzymes, the life force is still alive. Cooking stops enzymatic action and destroys the life force.

Enzymes are the protein molecules, and each enzyme acts in its own special way in the body, doing specific jobs. Enzymes digest all our food. They use that digested food to build blood, nerves, muscles, and glands. Enzymes assist in storing sugar in the liver and muscles.

There is an enzyme that builds phosphorus into bone and nerve tissue. Once we cook food above 118 degrees, all the enzymes present in the food are completely destroyed, and are no longer available to perform their selected functions, it has lost its life force. Like a battery that has lost its power, the physical structure is there, but the energy is gone.

Enzymes are needed for every chemical action and reaction in the body. Our organs, tissues, and cells are all run by metabolic enzymes. Minerals, vitamins, and hormones need enzymes to be present in order to do their work properly. Enzymes are the labor force of the body. Enzymes are involved in every metabolic process of our immune system, blood stream, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, …. every system. Enzymes break down toxic substances so that the body can eliminate them without damaging the organs of elimination. So far over thirteen hundred enzymes have been identified.

A diet high in cooked foods lacks enzymes, and causes the endocrine glands to become overworked, thus encouraging the development of disease.

Enzymes are divided into two groups, those found in raw food, and those produced by our bodies. The more enzymes one gets from raw food, the less will have to be borrowed from other metabolic processes and supplied by the pancreas. It is important to realize that the enzymes in raw food actually digest 50% to 75% of the food itself without the help of the enzymes secreted by the body.

Nature has placed enzymes in food to aid in the digestive process instead of forcing the body’s enzymes to do all the work. We inherited an enzyme reserve at birth, and this amount can be critically decreased as we get older due to eating a diet high in cooked foods, thus causing stress on the digestive system, especially the pancreas, and depressing the immune system.

What has food today got to do with our health? If we eat a diet high in clean, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, and a small to moderate amount of cooked foods, our health will improve, and we can shore up the immune system. However, if you want a quick health turn around, Health Restoration Consulting can teach you how to restore your health, energy and vitality and decrease your dependence on medications, so that you can enjoy a truly fulfilling life.

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