Antioch Foot & Ankle Group And Delta Air Lines Adopt Families At Safe Shelter For Christmas


Dr. Jim Dandy, President and CEO of Antioch Foot & Ankle Group believes that giving back to the community that supports his business is the right thing to do. Every year, Antioch, in addition to other charitable giving, adopts families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year Antioch partnered with Delta Air Lines employees to adopt families at Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence. For over 30 years, SAFE Shelter has been Savannah’s only shelter dedicated to victims of intimate partner violence and their underage children.

Eight families with a combined total of 20 children were in need at Safe Shelter. Delta and Antioch responded. Antioch purchased clothing for each child, toys and electronics too. The Antioch Team wrapped each gift and they were delivered by Jacqueline Tomlin, Fatima Yusuf, and Pam Coburn from Antioch along with Neldra Flint and Eleanor Ortega from Delta Air Lines. Daisy Hernandez of Safe Shelter, coordinated with Antioch to make sure that all of the children’s needs and wants were met.

Social Responsibility is a part of the Antioch Foot & Ankle Groups’ business model. Not only does Antioch strive to be a “Blessing to your feet”, but to be a blessing to the Savannah community and the Low Country as well.

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