Allstate Helps Residents Build 500 Disaster Preparedness Kits

The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light are bringing their 14-city disaster preparation tour to Savannah on the evening of Saturday, May 31st at 6pm at the Savannah Sand Gnats Baseball Game,

Combining a home game against the Rome Braves with this innovative initiative, the evening includes baseball, fireworks, Allstate agency owners will work to help hundreds of Savannah residents build a free disaster kit, which they can use to keep safe in the event of a disaster or unforeseen emergency. The free kits include a flashlight, first aid kit, cleaning supplies and other items proven to keep people safe and prepared.

Research shows 85 percent of Americans are un-prepared for disaster and nearly half lack emergency supplies for use in the event of a disaster. Hurricane season means planning on where to go and what to take. Although Savannah has not seen a hurricane recently, Allstate still encourages residents to prepare.

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