Alderwoman Bernetta Lanier to Host Creative Placemaking Panel Discussion

District 1 Alderwoman Bernetta Lanier will host a virtual panel discussion focused on creative placemaking in Greater West Savannah on Wednesday, Dec. 30, from 6:30-8 p.m. on zoom. The panel will feature presentations by Alderwoman Lanier, Kevin Klinkenberg, Laureen Boles, Dwayne Stephens, Dr. Deidre Grim, Bridget Lidy, Pastor Larry Gordon and Pamela Howard Oglesby. A question and answer session moderated by Ora Wright and Tonia Miller will follow.

Anyone wishing to participate in the zoom meeting can register at savannahga. register/WN_ 3XJGSnsyQTiYfqlEA9OFCw, and residents can also watch the meeting live on the City of Savannah Facebook, You- Tube and SGTV Channel 8.

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