“AKA Sponsors United Nations Day”


On October 24, 2017,Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Gamma Sigma Omega Chapter sponsored United Nations Day program for the International Baccalaureate (IB) students at Sol. C. Johnson High School. In 2014, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority began a partnership with the United Nations Association of the USA which empowered them to develop globally focused education programs to generate new “ambassadors” to support the efforts of the United Nations

(UN). United Nations Day was an opportunity to celebrate its creation by familiarizing the IB students with its history and mission. Panelist representing Savannah State University’s Model UN program, Dr. Otilia Iancu, Advisor and Ms. Thalia Kennedy, SSU student and Mr. Nipuna Ambanpola, Founder/Chairman of IVolunteer International from Armstrong State University highlighted the UN experience and evolution. They encouraged the students to get involved and to explore issues that go “beyond our national borders” by discovering the UN resources for students through the UN website. United Nations Day has been designated as a Community Impact Day of AKA to raise awareness about human rights, justice and equality. For more information about the Model UN program and other UN youth programs, visit www.un.org/en.org/en/ sections/resources-different audiences/students .

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