African American Hair Association Strikes Long Overdue Deal With Chinese Manufacturers


Whether it’s natural or relaxed, the hair-care industry among-st US Black consumers has a predominance in spending habits more than any other US consumer group. In fact, according to a consumer market analysis from Mintel Reports, 51% of Black consumers use styling products compared to 34% of US consumers overall. Then, it is also no wonder that the sales of the overall Black haircare market in 2015 were an estimated $2.7 billion… and according to Black Owned Beauty Supply Association, (BOBSA) the Black haircare & cosmetics industry nationwide and internationally is a $9 billion industry that serves millions of African Americans

BOBSA founder, Sam Ennon, who was invited to China this past October by the Chinese government and their hair manufacturers, has found a way to change the odds for Black hair-care store owners. After making the first Black business agreement with the Chinese government and manufacturers of hair “We have created an alliance named Enterprise of Black Hair Alliance (EBHA) to change the distribution of hair in the U.S.” said Ennon.

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