Advocacy and Support Groups For Savannah’s Citizens With Criminal Histories


Do you have a criminal record? Do you have a family member who is incarcerated or formerly incarcerated? Do you have a desire to advocate on behalf of citizens with criminal histories? If you answered ‘YES’ to either of these questions, there’s a support/ advocacy group for you to get involved in!

Over 650 persons released from Georgia DOC prisons return to Chatham County annually. Without sufficient support, statistics indicate that over 200 of them will return to prison. That’s not acceptable. Their successful reintegration means they are able to make positive contributions to our community. Their success is our success. Their failure means we have failed them. Every citizen in Savannah can contribute to their success story. Three different support groups have formed for the sole purpose of helping to reduce recidivism rates by providing support and resources to citizens with criminal histories and their families:”

FAVOR (Faces And Voices Of Reintegration) is a support group comprised 100% of citizens with criminal histories. It is both a support group and a self-advocacy group. Do you have a criminal history and want to be a part of a group that advocates on issues related to returning citizens? This group is for you. It meets twice monthly. The next meeting is Sunday, July 28 at 6:00. Call Frederic Greene: 912-307-1416 for more information.

Relief & Resources Support Group for Families of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Persons is a group that provides support for family members who have loved ones who are either incarcerated or who are transitioning into the community – post prison release. Family members often experience frustration, anger, uncertainty, and other feelings as their loved ones journey through the maze of incarceration and reintegration. This support group meets once monthly. The next meeting is Monday, August 5 at The Bull Street Library. Contact Doug Mincey (404-666- 0475) or Maxine Bryant for more information.

Family & Friends Advocacy Group meets twice monthly and is a research and advocacy group for causes identified by FAVOR. We are the group who amplifies their VOICE in the community. Additionally, we exist to empower, educate, and support them in their efforts. The next meeting is Monday, July 29 at 6:30 at Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship, 425 W Montgomery Cross Rd. Contact Maxine Bryant for more information.

Contact Maxine Bryant, 912-344-2669, for additional information about either of these groups.

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