AAUW Beaufort Leadership Changes

Dr. Rebecca Cooper and Dr. Diana F. Steele
Dr. Rebecca Cooper and Dr. Diana F. Steele

The incoming president of the American Association of University Women, Dr. Rebecca Cooper, presented outgoing president, Dr. Diana F. Steele with a token of appreciation for a job well done as the Beaufort Chapter President for the past four years. Dr. Steele is credited with implementing a variety of programs and strategies to ensure that the mission and goals of the national organization continue: to empower women and girls since 1881 by “advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.”

Dr. Cooper says that under Dr. Steele’s leadership the Beaufort chapter continued to be diligent and deliberate in addressing the needs and issues that remain crucial to women and girls in the Beaufort communities. Dr. Steele helped the chapter to identify and focus on benefits needed for local women and girls in their quest to achieve success in educational improvement and employment opportunities.

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