A Tribute To Beach High School Basketball Player Andrew Knowles

It was an exciting and beautiful athletic event for two local Savannah High Schools to play each other for the Georgia State High School AAA Basketball Championship for the year 2013. Of course, I’m referring to Sol Johnson and Savannah High.

Actually, this was the second time in Savannah’s high school basketball history that two Savannah schools competed against each other to win a state basketball high school title. The first time this event occurred was in 1968 when Beach High School was defeated by Sol Johnson for the state basketball championship.

Therefore, since I was a member of this 1968 Johnson championship team, it’s imperative for me to revisit this time to talk about Beach High’s Andrew Knowles who is deceased, but he was someone whom I considered to be the greatest high school basketball player I’ve ever played against. In all honesty, he probably was the greatest basketball player to have ever adorned the blue and gold Beach basketball uniform.

I was extremely proud and elated to have had the opportunity to compete against this super talented, smart and intelligent iconic player. I truly admired him performing his on the court magic because I viewed him as being beauty in motion.

I’m convinced that the renowned artistic painters Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso would have fought each other just for the right to paint Mr. Knowles on canvas because he truly defined the true meaning for high school basketball greatness. For me to have played against him was a nightmare because he was so awesome. Actually, he struck fear in my mind and heart because I knew he could single handily defeats my team. Sincerely speaking, he was truly a basketball weapon of mass destruction.

There were times on the court when I tried to block his shots, but he would make me look foolish with his miraculous and acrobatic moves and shots. Therefore, I prayed to God on the court for him to miss these shots. He truly played with style and grace and I would find myself watching and marveling at his epic performances. It’s my belief that his style of play may have been imitated, but it will never be duplicated.

Since Beach has built a new high school, I think it’s fitting and appropriate for a twenty foot bronze statue of Mr. Knowles be placed somewhere on Beach’s school campus for this jewel of a basketball player because he’s deserving of such stellar basketball honor. Trust me because I’m speaking the truth. Continue to rest in peace Andrew the basketball great.

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